RERUM Invest GmbH
RERUM Invest GmbH

Because Investment is built on Trust


Wealth is a question of strategy

The real estate market offers many new ways to invest money successfully.
At Rerum Invest you have the choice. We offer you a wide spectrum of real estate based investments.

Profit with real estate

In disregard of the not surely calculable growth in value, there are two different essential yield models with two different investment strategies.

1. Portfolio Property

HOLD and MANAGE: Through this strategy real estate is acquired and profit is gained through long term rental income. Very important to us is the conservation of value.

2. Real Estate Projects

We engage in several real estate projects which are developed and sold. Rerum Invest have a share of the property developers profit.


For Rerum Invest only real estate of which use, location and size correspond to today's urban demands, come into question. That includes e.g. proximity to workplace, school, shopping facilities or medical care. We focus not only on real estate itself, but also on the concept and a livable environment.

Our investment strategy is oriented to the attainment of sustainable profits!
Our style of investment is completely aligned to our investors claims:

We exclusively choose objects with high development and utilization potential on economically strong austrian locations.

With that our offer corresponds to the low risk disposition and long term oriented profit expectations of private and institutional investors. Real Estate and locations, which distinguish themselves through high sustainability, awards our portfolio with fungibility and the needed resilience on the capital market, which is constantly modifying.