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Viennese real estate is the safe haven for investors

Vienna's property prices are among the most stable in Europe.

Real estate is a safe haven and stabilising element in every investor's portfolio. At the same time, the Viennese real estate market is considered one of the most price-stable in all of Europe.

Viennese real estate is in demand as never before. And rightly so: as a tangible asset, they offer a high degree of security. Unlike shares and other forms of investment, they are not influenced by fictitious price fluctuations.

Active letting provides ongoing income for both residential and commercial buildings as well as office buildings.

B-locations are considered to have particularly high yields. The main features of these properties are an intact micro-location, attractive rental income and promising potential for resale.

Vienna as an investment market
Vienna as an investment market Vienna is growing. The 1,564,051 Viennese citizens of that time are compared to 1,867,582 city citizens in 2017. The birth deficit has turned into a surplus. The diversity of residents has increased. The shrinking city on the periphery of Western Europe has become the sixth largest metropolis in the EU (Bucharest was overtaken in 2016).

Vienna's attractiveness as a place to live, a tourist destination or a business location has remained at its usual top level or continued to rise despite the difficulties of recent years.

In 2016, a new overnight stay record was again recorded - a value that has doubled since 1990.
In 2017, the international company Mercer ranked Vienna as the world's most liveable city for the eighth time in a row.

1st place in Roland Berger's "Smart City Index" shows that Vienna is fit for the future.